NBA Live 18 – What you need to know about roster editing

Roster editing is an NBA Live 18 feature that allows users to change basketball players’ attributes like weight and height but also play style.

One of the most requested NBA Live 18 updates has been developed and added to the game. Since the game was released, the player-base made pleas for one particular feature and the team behind the game didn’t turn a deaf ear towards the request. Roughly three months after the release date, the roster editing feature became part of the game. This is a comprehensive tool that gives lots of editing options. Users will notice that they are now able to make various changes to their players. Users can choose new names for their players and change them from being left-handed to right-handed and vice versa. The number on the jersey can be changed too thanks to the new feature.

The new tools give users the chance to make more than trivial modifications. Height and weight are important attributes for basketball players. Users are given control over these attributes so they can modify them if they wish. The position and play style of a basketball player are other important attributes that now can be changed using the editing tool. These modifications can have a powerful impact. The play style influences a player’s evolution. His abilities also depend on the play style.

Users can modify a player’s skills and even give him more or less time on the court. The player rotations menu allows users to do these changes. The editing feature gives players more freedom and extra options. The player creation tool gives users the possibility to design one of a kind characters. There is a limit on how many unique characters can be created. This limit is 135 so players don’t need to worry about running out of slots too soon. Teams are a crucial basketball aspect so these players will be part of teams. The franchise mode is all about teams and management so players who like to have control over multiple aspects should check out this mode. With the addition of the roster editing tool, the gameplay became more versatile. For basketball game playing, the nba live 18 coins have the important role in game playing, which can let your team become more stronger and more powerful.


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