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Solids Solutions offers solutions in product development

You may not always think about it, but the smallest particles determine the effect of specific products. Many products in industry contain powders in various forms. The size of the granules can already cause you to get stuck in the development of your product. Solids Solutions is specialised in particle and powder technology. We are happy to take a close look at your product in our laboratory, so that we can determine where things go wrong. Then we propose a suitable solution, so that you can move on.

Nanoparticle research

Nanoparticles are very small particles, ranging from 1 to 100 nanometres. They have a number of specific properties that make them very suitable for use in many everyday products. For example, nanoparticles allow substances that do not normally mix well to be made into a suspension. Nanoparticles in sunscreen, for example, ensure that the cream is easily lubricated and does not leave a white haze. At Solids Solutions we therefore carry out extensive research into the properties of nanoparticles and their application in various products. More information about nanoparticle testing.


BET surface analysis of nanoparticles

The shape and size of nanoparticles affects their function in specific products. That is why it is important to be able to determine the surface area of the particles. This can be done by means of a BET surface area analysis of nanoparticles. In this method, a gas is adsorbed on the surface of the particles. In most cases nitrogen will be used for this, but this depends on the substance being analysed. Solids Solutions uses various techniques and instruments to perform an accurate analysis. If you need specific knowledge in the development of your product, please contact us.